Should you switch to WordPress?

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Should you switch to WordPress?

It’s no secret that we love WordPress at Ocean Digital. It’s not that we don’t like other website providers, it’s just…. well, nothing quite matches up.

If you’re looking at your website and thinking ‘it’s just not doing it for me’, perhaps a little switch might make all the difference.

So, should you switch to WordPress?

A couple of quick pointers…

There is a difference between and Whilst there’s nothing wrong with, it doesn’t give you huge amounts of control over your site. For the purposes of this article, we’re talking about – our development platform of choice.

You’re fed up with your site looking like everyone else’s…

You can spot certain web templates anywhere. Those homebuilt websites look great at first, but once everyone catches on and gives it a go, the shine starts to wear off. Well, with you don’t have to settle for a simple template and stock colour palette. There are thousands, and we mean thousands, of themes to choose from. Each one is deeply customisable and the option to create your own is always there. You cannot easily spot a WordPress site, because all that shines through is YOU!

WordPress also gives you the freedom to build from a totally blank canvas. That’s right – contrary to popular belief you DO NOT need to use a template to create your WordPress site! You can design your website from a blank page easily with page builders such as Elementor (our personal fave), Beaver builder or Divi. What’s more, you don’t even need to know how to navigate the scary world of coding.

That being said, adding custom code is always an option. Custom coding and CSS tweaks will give your website a unique personality that stands out from the crowd. If you aren’t confident using custom code, there are loads of developers out there who can help. And if you’re feeling confident, a plethora of free and paid courses to develop your own knowledge.

SEO is giving you headaches…

Google loves WordPress. It’s so easy to work on your SEO when you have a WordPress site, but the fact that you’re using WordPress stands you in good stead from the start. The simple framework that makes up WordPress sites is easy to crawl for content, making Google’s job a lot easier. On top of that, there are loads of helpful plugins (like Yoast) and tools to improve your SEO, learn about keywording and appropriately save and name your files and photos. As long as you’re putting out great content, WordPress has got your back.

“WordPress handles 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO”.

You need more support…

If you’re struggling with your current website provider and you’re done with unanswered emails and robotic live-chat responses – don’t worry! WordPress has a gigantic community of likeminded webbies who have the answer for just about anything you could ask! There are WordPress forums and hundreds of other websites and videos dedicated to getting you WordPress nerdified.

If you’re looking for one-to-one support, there are so many WordPress developers out there – it’s the number one choice! So, if you’re looking for some seriously bespoke help, there are people like us out there waiting for your call.

It’s cheaper

WordPress open source software which is free to download and install. You purchase a domain name (around USD15 per year) and a hosting plan (which can be as low as USD5 per month) to get your website live, but other than this everything else is optional. There are so many free plugins to enhance the capabilities of your website that you really don’t need to spend a cent more. For example, Yoast. There is a free version which is more than adequate for your SEO needs and we use this version for our own website!

Using a platform like Squarespace or Kajabi can work be much more pricey. Squarespace’s business plan will cost you $26 per month (or $16 if you pay annually) and Kajabi starts from $149 per month for the basic plan. You can read our WordPress vs Squarespace comparison here. Both of these plans do provide support from the Squarespace and Kajabi teams. However, you can get the same level of support from your WordPress designer.

Designers offer monthly maintenance packages to suit your individual needs so you aren’t paying a blanket price for things that you don’t require. Plans can also include monthly editing time. So if you don’t enjoy uploading your blog posts or don’t have time to make tweaks to your services page, your maintenance plan will take all this off your plate. This is something that both Squarespace and Kajabi just can’t provide, so you would need to find a separate specialist designer to do this for you.

You don’t want to be restricted and you’ve got big dreams for your site…

Well, you’re looking in the right place! The world’s biggest brands use because your imagination really is the limit. You can tinker with your hosting, design, themes, SEO and site functionality – no matter your budget. If you’re looking to expand into e-commerce, membership websites, downloadables or high-quality video content, your WordPress site is ready to serve.

Talking about serving your clients, there are a variety of plugins and platforms that can turn your website into an online course platform. You can serve your clients around the clock and create passive income at the same time. As your website is already on WordPress you don’t need to rebuild the whole site or worry about redirecting to a new URL. You simply add the new feature while your current site is running and hit the big red button when it’s ready to go live. Ok, it’s not actually a big red button, it’s blue, but that just didn’t have quite the same effect…

So should you switch to WordPress? Yes, yes you should. Working with a web developer, you can customise your site and expand it as much as your budget allows.

And, what’s more… you’ll never have to switch again.

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